This is a sampling of the 40+ producer groups we support. There are more from Indonesia, Ghana, South Africa, Rwanda, Kenya, Mongolia, Peru, Nicaragua and elsewhere. Each item in the store is labelled to show its source.

BaSE      Bangladesh

BaSE coordinates and promotes handicraft products of smaller, women-centred manufacturing groups. We import their basketry, macrame, embroidered items, clothing and accessories made from natural products.

Mahaguthi Craft Bazaar      Nepal

Mahaguthi works with 80 co-operatives throughout Nepal, helping craftspeople – most of them women – earn an income using their traditional skills. Their motto is Craft with Conscience.

Mai Handicrafts      Vietnam

Mai is an income-generating and educational project for disadvantaged women. It provides employment and training, as well as promoting self-reliance. Products includes baskets, quilling items, recycled paper items, purses and ceramics.

MESH      India

MESH provides opportunities for people with disabilities to become self-sufficent and produce quality goods. It assists with obtaining materials and ensuring prompt payment. We purchase tablecloths, napkins, tea towels and toys.

fair trade pottery Guatemala Global Village Store

ThaiCraft      Thailand

ThaiCraft partners with over 60 groups of artisans. Different groups focus on people with special needs, with social or environmental difficulties, or in village cooperatives. They create thousands of fine handcrafted products.

TradeAid Integrated      Ghana

Some Ghanaian university students were motivated by their study that showed how little skilled basket-makers received for their work, while middlemen made a profit. The organization assists basket-makers in the Bolgatanga region, and has expanded to other economic projects in northern Ghana.

Ruth y Nohemi      Guatemala

Ruth y Nohemi, a weaving co-op in Guatemala, supports 15 widows who weave on traditional backstrap looms, and several tailors who sew the weavings into high-quality bags and other products.